5 reasons why you should choose silk

1 Safe for everyone

Not only is silk naturally hypoallergenic, but it also keeps dust mites at bay. There’s no need to worry about any pesky little creatures disturbing your beauty sleep. The silk that we use is OEKO-TEX Certified and under “Class 1” - it is completely free from harmful chemicals and non-toxic dyes are used, making it totally safe even for babies and young children.

2 Calms down frizzy hair

Silk is anti-static, and it reduces hair breakage and frizz caused by tossing and turning around during your sleep. No more messy and unruly “i-just-woke-up” hair. Wake up with tamed hair and you’re good to go. Unlike traditional hair elastics, silk scrunchies glide effortlessly across your hair and keeps them from breaking. Hate the hair creases that form on your hair when using traditional hair elastics? Eliminate that problem, thanks to the silky-smooth material of our scrunchies, no more awkward bends and creases!

3 Suitable for all skin types

Silk is less absorbent compared to cotton, thus it helps to retain moisture in your skin and hair. This ensures that your skin does not lose its moisture and you will wake up with supple and bouncy skin. We all know how smooth silk is and how luxe it feels on the skin. This means that little friction comes in contact with your delicate skin, minimising the risks of skin concerns like acne and eczema (not forgetting, the dreaded maskne). Regardless of skin type – oily, acne-prone, dry or combination skin, silk is made for you.

4 Regulates temperature on hot and cold days

Being a natural thermal regulator, silk has great insulation properties which keeps your body temperature balanced throughout hot or cold days. It is a poor conductor of heat, so no more worrying about excessive sweating in your silk mask under the blazing sun, or sweating buckets in the middle of the night! Keeping you constantly cool, silk is truly the best material for comfort.

5 A more comfortable and luxurious experience

Have we mentioned? We use the highest grade (6A) 100% pure mulberry silk, which is extremely soft to skin and smooth to touch. Silk is known as one of the most breathable fabrics in the world. No more struggling to breathe in stuffy masks, and no more humidity build up in your masks made with high quality silk. You don’t have to dread wearing masks anymore! Tried and tested with silk pillowcases, masks, and scrunchies, it is the comfier alternative to regular fabrics like cotton or polyester. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, why not feel like a royal while you’re at it and achieve beauty sleep with silk pillowcases.

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